Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to change windows startup sound on vista?

start%26gt;control panel%26gt;sounds%26gt;sounds then find where it says windows logon and click browse to find different sound.

Cant change windows xp theme help?

i got a proformence version of xp and it came with windows 98 theme i know how to change it but it says loading.... but just stays the same iv donwloaded windows blinds and desktop x full versions still nothing any help oh yeah i tries the servies.msc and then making automatic please helpCant change windows xp theme help?
Try this site, there maybe something there for you.Cant change windows xp theme help?
An Easier Way to do this, is find the wallpaper you want, and the Screensaver, and Save As, Give it a Name, Click Apply on the ';Desktop Tab'; on Display Properties, Your Done.. Good Luck

Can I change Windows 7 o/s language?

I bought a new laptop here in France, it came with French as the default language, can I change to English....if so how?

ThanksCan I change Windows 7 o/s language?
'imprimer' 'raccouri' 'pr茅c茅dent' 'd茅marer' better start learning because the answer will be 'no'.

Turn upside down your laptop and look on the windows sticker, if you find this: 'OEM' then you can not change the language except.... you download the english version or files but ..... you will have to pay it is not free. You see there is only one official language in France therefore OEM versions are only installed in the French language, (is a cheaper version of course). So whatever people say about changing language of a French OEM version it will not work without downloading and purchasing the files. Your OS is in French, but the programs you download and install can be done in English, this will not change the OS language. Anyway they work perfect i also buy laptops in France just have to run it in their language, though French is not my primary language mine is Dutch.Can I change Windows 7 o/s language?
yes in the control panel you can hope this helps
Click on start and type in ';Region and Language'; and navigate to the ';Keyboard and Languages'; tab and change the settings from there. Hope this helps!! :D :)
Windows 7 Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI).?Windows 7 MUIs provide a translated version of most of the user interface. MUIs require a license to be used and are only available with Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise. If you are using Windows 7 Ultimate, you can download MUIs by using Windows Update. If you are using Windows Vista Enterprise, contact your system administrator for information about installing additional languages.

What windows 7 version is it?

I have all the install files if you need one and you haven't got ultimate

How can i change windows 7 theme?

ok a while ago i download a WoW theme for windows 7 but now it seems dumb so i thort i would go back to the windows the windows theme but when i click personalize and then click windows 7 it only changes my background but my task bar and windows and stuff still stays how the WoW theme set it i just want to reset the theme to windows 7 aero PLEASE help meHow can i change windows 7 theme?
You should be able to just be able to right click on the wallpaper and click personalize and you should be able to change the themeHow can i change windows 7 theme?
Right click desktop, personalize, theme. You can either choose one of theirs or browse to your own.


Cant change windows xp menu?

So today I was browsing for new Skins for my computer. I came across some on Alienware which I liked. But it asked me to download there program first to get the free skins. This was all on Alienware.Com so I know it wasnt fake or viruses. So I downloaded it and I changed some skins. But For some reason everything changed except the MENU BAR? The menu bar that opens from START.

So I deleted the program and completely got it out of my computer through control panel, etc. Then I went to change my menu bar to the newer style XP look, not the classic one. An it all changed to silver and the start button is green, but the menu bar is still not changing?

The menu bar looks like the old windows classic, the only difference is, it says: WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL running up the side of the bar (left side). An the bar has a strip of fading dark blue into black which is where the WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL is written in white on the strip.

Any ideas how I can get the NEWER style back? Thanks!Cant change windows xp menu?
right click on the empty portion of taskbar then click properties. at the start menu tab, make sure you choose ';start menu'; not the ';classic start menu';Cant change windows xp menu?
Right click on the Start Button and chose Properties and chose Start Menu (Tab). Set the dot to ';START MENU'; not the Classic Style.

Click APPLY button first

Click OK
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  • How can i change windows xp icons color?

    they turned out blue but i want them to be clear again so the wallpaper can be seen through.i tried everything,like adjusting icons for best appearance and unlocking them but nothing happened.any other suggestions?please helpHow can i change windows xp icons color?
    Try the following:

    1. Start -%26gt; Settings -%26gt; Control Panel

    2. Double-click on ';System';.

    3. Click on the ';Advanced'; tab,

    4. Click on ';Settings'; under 'Performance'.

    5. Check the ';Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop'; box.

    6. Click on ';Ok';.

    Hopefully, this should solve the problem ... good luck!


    Hello, I just bought a really nice computer off craigslist, and its OS Windows XP is in Chinese. How can I change it to english? Please help asap please. Also if you good provide examples of the charachters i need to look for that would be great. Thanks.CHANGE WINDOWS XP LANGUAGE CHIN-ENG?
    Get the EN version of XP then reinstall the OS.CHANGE WINDOWS XP LANGUAGE CHIN-ENG?
    If you enter the control panel, you should be able to find something normally marked ';Language and Regional Options'; or something.

    In either the second or third tab there's an option for switching the language-- I believe it's the third.

    Sorry I can't post screenshots; I normally don't bother switching to Chinese/East-Asian display, and I don't feel like doing it and uploading.
    You can't. The English and Chinese versions are different. You need to uninstall the Chinese OS, get hold of XP in English and install it instead.